Madame, Monsieur, chère collègue, cher collègue,

Je vous prie de trouver, en pièce jointe, le programme du colloque

Shaping Good Faith. Modes of Communication in Ancient Diplomacy

qui aura lieu à la Freie Universität de Berlin du 11 au 12 octobre (organisateurs Francesco Mari et Christian Wendt).
October, 11th

9:30 Coffee // 9:50 Introduction Making it happen: in rituals we trust?

10:00 Gabriel Herman (Jerusalem) When rulers meet. Rituals of diplomatic encounter in Classical Greece

10:50 Lynette Mitchell (Exeter)
The politics of faithfulness: reciprocity and ritual in ancient Greek diplomacy

11:40 Coffee

12:00 Sebastian Scharff (Mannheim) : Treaties and trust. Oaths as an element of securing interstate agreements

12:50 Lunch

Establishing and shaping good faith between communities

13:50 Francesca Gazzano (Genova) Bridging the gap. Using the past to shape good faith in Greek diplomatic speeches

14:40 Dominique Lenfant (Strasbourg) The role of xenia in diplomatic relations between Greeks and Persians

15:30 Coffee

Narratives of Greek-Persian diplomacy: authorial contexts

16:00 Pietro Vannicelli (Roma) : Xerxes’ false friends: diplomacy and history during the Persian wars

16:50 Christopher Tuplin (Liverpool) Diplomatic mercenaries: treaties, truces and transactions in Xenophon’s Anabasis

17:40 End

October, 12th

9:30 Coffee

Narratives of Greek-Persian diplomacy: close readings

9:20 Edith Foster (Berlin) : Artaxerxes’ letter to the Spartans in Book 4 of Thucydides: contexts, style, and interpretation

10:10 Francesco Mari (Berlin) : From king to King. Persian royal ideology and Macedonian propa- ganda in the exchange of letters between Darius III and Alexander (Arr. An. II 14)

11:40 Coffee

The coming of Rome – the same old story?

11:20 Felix Maier (Würzburg) : Perseus against Rome. A story of failed diplomacy?

12:10 Christian Wendt (Bochum) : Etiquette and ambition. Partho-Roman diplomacy and the Roman Republic in crisis

13:00 Lunch 14:00–15:00 Round table